Well Within Reach

The Influence of a Coach: Part 1

September 07, 2020 MTS Physical Therapy Season 1 Episode 17
Well Within Reach
The Influence of a Coach: Part 1
Show Notes

On this episode JD Boudreaux speaks with JP Boullion (Sacred Heart-Ville Platte), Jamie Calais (Cecilia High School), and Theo Sliman (Louisiana Golf). Each of these individuals describe the role that they play as a coach to assist athletes in their development. In part one of a two-part episode, these three coaches discuss:

·       The role of a coach in developing the entire athlete

·       The role of parents in team sports

·       Their favorite quote that guides their coaching philosophy

·       The impact that Coach Tony Robichaux and other mentors have had on their careers

·       A memorable moment in their coaching career

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